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Continuing on our Adventure

November 11th, 2014 § 0 comments

Whittier Presbyterian is full of energy and looking for a new focus.  We have been through New Beginnings, which showed us that we are a small yet vibrant congregation.  We decided at that time to work with Nueva Vida and help them to grow.  After much prayer, talk and work; we now know that these buildings are really too big for both congregations.  The upkeep of all these buildings is so expensive in both money and time and effort.  So… we are investigating where God will lead us; we know he has a plan for us.

We have been talking with Real Estate people to determine the worth of our buildings and finding if another congregation would be interested so it is not just a tear down.  God also opened doors for us to talk to Presbytery and we discovered that when we move on, they might be interested in keeping the buildings and leasing them out to a different church.

Pastor Elizabeth has been sharing this information after worship services this summer, but we know many of you have been on vacation and missed those discussions.  

Session has always coveted everyone’s prayers for the direction God might be taking our congregation and we are seeing fruits from those prayers.  People are contacting us about using the building and people are sharing ideas of where we might go and what type of mission we could provide for our community.  There is no timeline for anything that is happening but Session will be sharing information as it develops.  So please be patient and please continue your prayers, as these are exciting times for our congregation.   Please be sure to talk to a Session member if you have ideas or questions or concerns.  Session is excited and can feel the energy coming from our membership about where God is leading us.  So keep praying and thinking and sharing.
Questions:  talk to Lurene, Carole, Melinda, Marilyn J, Marilyn R., Donna, Jim, Fermin (Session members) or Pastor Elizabeth

Thanks to Donna Hanson for this piece

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