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Joining in the Midst of Uncertainty

September 9th, 2015 § 0 comments

Who joins a congregation when the future is uncertain? Those who have read this sporadic blog in the past know we are trying to move from spending our energy doing maintenance to having the time and energy to do ministry. That journey involves selling and moving out of a building too large for us, finding a new place to abide, discovering who we are called to journey with, and identifying the ministry God is calling us to do. It is an exciting journey, but while we are waiting for a sale our life together has an uncertain feel. Even as we look for options that uncertain feeling remains.

In the midst of this, however, we have a new member. Having attended several times and being fully aware of our journey and unclear future someone decided to join us. Out of respect for their privacy I am not going to identify NM (New Member). Their decision to join surprised many of us “Why do you choose to join us in the midst of such uncertainty?”

NM’s answer was encouraging and triggered a discussion. NM spoke of how our willingness to take a chance and try something new was exciting. Yes, this venture is uncertain, but it’s the kind of uncertainty that comes with taking a risk. NM likes that we are willing to take the kind of risk that allows life to flourish. Our journey is one that allows for creativity and means there is the opportunity to participate and help shape something fresh.

As our discussion continued, we began to describe who would make a good new member in this uncertain, open-ended journey we are on. The following is result of that conversation

Job Description for a New Member of a Changing, Uncertain Church

*Is open to God’s leading, even in unexpected ways.
*Understands that faith is not a destination, but on ongoing journey with God
*Understands the ministry is not something the pastor does, but something we are all involved in
*Understands the church is called to move from inviting people in to reaching people where they are
*Is eager to participate and shape the future rather than just attend and listen
*Is willing to welcome and work with others, including those who believe differently or are at a different place in their faith journey
*Recognizes that none of us have all the answers

Are you somebody like this? Maybe you are disenchanted with the church as you have experienced it. Why not stop by and talk with some of us? You never know, you might have ideas that are what we are looking for and you might like the community we hope to build.

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