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March 11th, 2016 § 0 comments

It’s amazing to us. No matter how many times we tell people that our journey is one from maintaining buildings to being able to do ministry again, people find it impossible to believe. Apparently the idea that we would give up a place in order to have the resources of time, energy, and money to serve as God’s people is so unthinkable that people can not accept it. We keep being told we are closing.


Yes, we are selling our building. The details are not yet finalized but we have said for over a year we are going to sell our building. We are not doing this to close. We are doing this to do something more than focus on our own survival. We are doing this to serve and minister.


Even before the sale is final, we are going to be moving.

Our last service at the 6030 El Rancho property will be Palm Sunday, March 20.

For Christians, the following week is Holy Week. It is a journey through death to resurrection and new life. As part of our service we will look back and celebrate the good things of the past, the ministries that we did in this place.

Our first service in our new location will be Easter Sunday, March 27. We will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with a new partnership with Salem Lutheran Church at 6442 S. Glengarry Avenue. Two small congregations that have chosen not to die but to enter into a partnership that will allow something new to develop.
Worship will be at 9:30
A procession from 6030 El Rancho will begin at 9:00 for those able to make the walk.

If you have been looking for a church, but can’t quite find something that feels right…
If you think the excitement of helping start something new outweighs the uncertainty…
If two small congregations starting over and open to others starting over sounds like a place for you…

Come Join Us as we discover a new calling and a new life through Christ.

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