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Help With Funerals

Dear Members and Friends of WPC,

Enclosed you will find several pieces of material relating to funerals and the process you need to go through at the time of death of a loved one.  Though they are designed for church members, they may be used by anyone who might want them.  The information can also be found on our web page, www.whitpresby.org.  You might want to tell family and friends about the web site and the availability of this information there.

We encourage you to look closely at this information and consider filling the forms out and keeping them on file with members of your family, getting copies of some of them to give to others, like your doctor, your attorney and the church.  Our Worship Committee felt it would be helpful to distribute this information to as many people as possible.  Though no one likes to consider one’s own death or the death of loved ones, when it does occur, having this information ahead of time makes the burden lighter on those who need to make the final arrangements.

You will note some of the material is from Rose Hills Mortuary and Cemetery.  We are not endorsing them or any of the services they provide.  We are passing this on to you because of its usefulness and Rose Hills makes this information available to the general public.

1.  The basic information form for Whittier Presbyterian Church.  Though it is specific to our church, the information would be helpful to anyone preparing for a funeral service in any location, whether church, mortuary, or some other location or situation.

2.  A sheet detailing mortuary and funeral details as they pertain to the mortuary.

We suggest that you fill the forms out and discuss the details with your family, friends and loved ones.  File this information away but be sure others know where it is kept.  When the time comes to use it, those needing it will be most grateful that you were thoughtful enough to plan ahead in this way.

Please feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions on this material.

Grace & peace to you

The Worship Committee of Whittier Presbyterian Church

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