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Date: 2011-09-03
Prayer for: Marilyn Root and her entire family
Need: Comfort and peace in light of the tragedy that occurred Friday.
Requested by: Jeanne & Janis

Do you have a thanksgiving or concern? Please reply below if you would like our prayer team to raise them up in our meditations.


Prayer Request Form
  • Whittier Presbyterian Church is a praying church and we want to pray for you and your concerns. We have a group that prays regularly for whatever is requested on this form or shared during Sunday worship. Please list your concerns below and we will add our prayers to yours.

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  • Unless requested for longer, our prayer group will keep your concern in prayer throughout the week.
  • All submissions will be kept confidential unless you specify "Public" in the form.
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  • Emergency requests may be called directly to Rev. Nelson or to the church office at (562)692-3748, or Mrs. Judy Menagh at (562)692-8659. Thank you & God bless you.

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