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Lesson 6 – “Position 5”

“How We Read the Bible”
Fall 2011
Session 6 – Nov. 30, 2011

Opening Prayer
Opening Quote:  One says, “Moses meant what I say.”  Another disagrees, “No, he meant what I say.”  It seems to me that it is nearer to the truth to ask, “Why can’t he have meant both?  And if someone would see a third or a fourth or any number of meanings in the same language, why can’t we believe that Moses meant them all?”  God has adapted the Bible to many interpretations.  Without a doubt—and I do not hesitate to speak from my heart—if I had to write with such great authority I would attempt to write in a way that my words would communicate as much truth as possible to each reader.  I would not write down one true meaning so obvious that it would prohibit any other meaning, even though there was nothing offensive in the alternate interpretations.  (St. Augustine, (354-430) “Confessions”)

 Position 5
The Bible is merely a record of the moral and religious experiences of Hebrews and Christians.

This is a position that can do without God completely.

There is a Jewish position about faith that ethics is all there is, how we behave is all that matters.

Look at Matthew 25:31-46, our sermon two Sundays ago.

See the supplemental material.

 Of the positions we have looked at, the five positions of this class, or the three models on the supplemental material, where would you place yourself?

Our focus Scriptures

Old Testament:                                                           New Testament:

Genesis 1 & 2;                                                             Matthew 5:17-48

Exodus 20:1-17;                                                          Luke 1:26-38

Leviticus 12 & 18;                                                      John 6:1-14, 16-21;

Joshua 6:21, 8:26; 11:20;                                            Romans 1:26-32;

Isaiah 40;                                                                     I Thessalonians 4:13-18

Ezekiel 1 & 37.                                                           Revelation 7 & 21:1-4

How might we follow up this class?

Who would write something for the newsletter about this class?

Closing Prayer

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