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Meditation 10/4/12 Spiritual Navigation

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Spiritual direction is one of the ancient Christian practices that has seen an increase in our time. Spiritual Directors International is a worldwide organization of spiritual directors and they put out a monthly newsletter called “Listen.” The July, 2012, issue had this explanation of direction.

“Spiritual guidance is not gender or age specific. The core question the ask yourself and reflect upon is, ‘What is transpiring and percolating in my life that might be well served by meeting regularly with a compassionate listener, someone who is trained in discernment?’ People choose to meet with a spiritual guide when they explore and cultivate their life of prayer, meditation, and contemplation, during a time when they wrestle with institutions and authorities, or inner promptings that invite change, and when healing and wholeness is desired in one’s life. A spiritual director tunes into the animating Spirit that is central to life. … .A spiritual director might be the safe harbor for someone’s deepest angst that desires to be shared and received.”

Spiritual direction can be one of the most effective practices for personal spiritual growth. Spiritual Directors International (SDI) offers a way to find a director in your area. If you are not in direction yet, consider the possibility. You will be rewarded beyond your expectations.

Come Join Us for Worship!

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We have moved in with Salem Lutheran Church @ 6442 S. Glengarry, Whittier, CA  90606

Our worship service begins at 9:30am, Sunday morning.